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We have a mission to create passive income and increase the wealth of our partners through commercial real estate investments. Commercial real estate is one of the world's best investment available but it can be a complicated and an expensive investment to the average investor. Today, amid the Pandemic, is a rare opportunity to invest in this asset class. We are launching an opportunistic fund called E47 Capital Partners as today's real estate is redefined as a result of the new retail and living environment. E47 Capital Partners will invest in a diversified portfolio of real estate primed for re-purposing or redevelopment. This fund is available to individuals, high net worth individuals and family offices who seek to benefit from allocating capital to the commercial real estate market with an experienced operating manager.  For more information, please contact Cyrus Rapinan @ 858.225.6800 or download the following: E47 CAPITAL Offering Memorandum - E47CAPITAL

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